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TWA – The Men’s Circle February 15th

A newly created group for men to explore touch, affection, masculinity , embodiment and sexuality in a safe space.

Is Your Sexual Fantasy Normal?

A wonderful look at why we develop our sexual kinks!

A Photo History Of Male Affection

Male affection is making a comeback, but stigma is still strong around affection being ‘gay’ amongst men. This wasn’t always the case. Why is modern masculinity so threatened by affection?

Why Do Transgender Kids Raise Australia’s Hackles?

A wonderful article looking at why Transgender kids are such a controversial topic in Australia (and often the Western World)

Kinkphobia And Mental Health Professionals

Someone I know was once told by their psychologist that all their problems stemmed from their kink practice. I encouraged them to find a new practitioner.

Porn and Addiction

Very interesting link to a study on the guilt associated with a perceived porn addiction.