TWA – The Men’s Circle February 15th

Sexological Bodyworking - Sex Coaching - Embodiment - Kink Exploration

TWA – The Men’s Circle February 15th

A newly created group for men to explore touch, affection, masculinity , embodiment and sexuality in a safe space.

This is not a hook up group – its a space to connect with the deeper elements of being a man. It’s about exploring and reuniting with the deepest most unexplored aspects of who we are as humans.

First event went very well and we will continue to explore consent and touch – but happy to hear any ideas you might have.

The gatherings promoted through this group will range in content from the purely energetic and non sexual to sexual content and discussion – this will however vary from event to event. Consent and creating a safe space will be a big part of all events.

Event is free but there will be a donation jar if you are feeling generous.

TWA Men’s Circle, February 15th, 7pm, Queensland Aids Council.

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