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Sexological Bodyworking - Sex Coaching - Embodiment - Kink Exploration

Touch Without Agenda runs a number of events and workshops throughout the year. These include the ever popular Men’s Erotic Touch group. You can sign up to our mailing list of events here

Events are listed on the Touch Without Agenda group on Meetup

Men’s Erotic Touch Group

Have you ever wanted to explore touch in a deeper way?

Welcome to those first steps towards the journey of exploration and enjoyment. This group is a structured but sexy way to explore touch, arousal and pleasure – both learning how to touch others as well as learning about yourself.

Heads up – this isn’t an orgy. The activities are structured and intentions are set. Nudity will certainly be encouraged and it’s OK not to be naked either. Couples are welcome – and if you only want to work on each other that is fine. However, it is expected that everyone else will be taking turns and giving and receiving pleasure.

Exercises and content covered in a session will vary – so expect sometimes to be doing touch one on one, in groups of three or sometimes in a large group. All exercises are optional – no one ever needs to feel they have to participate. Much of the group exercises are about exploring touch, what is pleasurable, what is sexual, and the line in between. Consent is hugely important and taken seriously.

You’ll need to bring a towel or sheet, yoga mat, socks or thongs that won’t matter if they get a little oily (and undies/speedo If you don’t plan on losing all your clothing). Please bring a second towel if you want to shower after the event. You will be supplied with coconut oil, wipes, disposable gloves (for those who want them) and hand sanitizer.

Tickets are $30 concession, 40$ single and $50 for a couple, and the event will be capped to 10 people each time.

Bring on the pleasure exploration.