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My experience with Touch Without Agenda has been both transformational and transcending. I came to use the services of Anthony for support with masturbation and orgasm issues after intensive medical intervention and rehabilitation. Some of these had also existed since early adolescent.

Changes in my physiology and the mechanics of masturbation meant that the process of masturbating was painful and unpleasant resulting in an inability to masturbate for many months.

This had a profound impact on my sexual drive and my sexuality. Anthony was wonderful in his empathy as we explored the emotional and mental effects. Part of my journey was to come to understand and accept that I was worthy of feeling pleasure and that I was open to absorbing it.

I also wished to explore whether there was more to masturbation that a furious five minutes in the shower.

The focus on breathe and the introduction of new techniques was fantastic and it was an instrumental part of my learning; in fact was a large part of learning to masturbate hands free

The environment provided by Anthony was both safe and permitting, as well as professional. The sessions have also provided me with a desire to continue developing my somatic awareness.

I recommend Touch Without Agenda wholeheartedly and without hesitation. Thank you for everything Anthony.

M.M –