Sex Coaching

Sexological Bodyworking - Sex Coaching - Embodiment - Kink Exploration

Sex is something we never learn in a structured way.

People pick it up by trial and error, though experimenting with other people, or from porn (and while porn is fun, it’s not real life sex). None of these options are a really great ways to learn, and sometimes these lead to bad habits being developed or putting ourselves in bad situations.

Often people know very little about sex, how bodies work during sex and why we feel like we do.

Sex can be fun. It can be exciting. It can make us feel connected and whole – However, for many people it is none of these things!

I’ve been working with men around in various forms for the last five years. I’m trained in how to help people explore better sex. I work with men, and sometimes women, transgender and non binary individuals as a sex educator with a hands-on approach, expanding and combining my skills to offer people a way to create better quality sexual experiences in a safe space with no judgement. We sit down and chat about you, why you are here for a session and what you are looking to get out of this experience.

Sex coaching sessions are a wonderful way to explore with more freedom, try new things or enjoy pleasure in a structured and safe setting. It’s a great way to experience your first male to male contact, explore what can make sex better, how to connect with a sex partner, explore pain-free sex or try new experiences and techniques.

Sessions are 90min. Please contact me for more information including pricing and what sessions offer.


A Sex Coaching session can take a variety of forms depending on the topic or lesson agreed on before the session.

A session might –
• Have the student unclothed or partially clothed with massage, touch, or sexual activity taking place.
• Have myself as practitioner unclothed or partially clothed with massage, touch, or sexual activity taking place.

All touch is with strict consent. The student guides the session directions at all times. Appropriate PPE is used.

Sex Coaching can cover a wide variety of topics and activities.

• Improving sensation during sex
• Improving confidence in sexual situations
• Exploring pleasure and connection
• Intercourse techniques
• Masturbation habits or techniques
• Exploring problems around achieving orgasm
• Exploring erectile dysfunction or variable erections
• Premature ejaculation
• Performance anxiety
• Bathroom anxiety (piss shy)
• Shame around sex
• Shame around fantasy
• Exploring anal penetration or sex
• Couples sexual techniques
• Exploring BDSM or sensation play
• Embodiment
• Breathing and pleasure
• Erotic touch or massage
• Tantric exploration
• Active Receiving touch
• Consent (discussion or techniques)
• Arousal mapping
• Genital mapping
• Sex and disability or differently-abled.