Sexological Bodyworking

Sexological Bodyworking - Sex Coaching - Embodiment - Kink Exploration


A Sexological Bodyworking session can take a variety of forms depending on the topic or lesson agreed on before the session.

A session might –

• Be strictly discussion based with no touch taking place.
• Have the student fully clothed with massage or touch taking place.
• Have the student unclothed or partially clothed with massage or touch taking place.

All touch is with strict consent. The student guides the session directions at all times. All body touch to student is done with latex gloves.

Sexoligical Bodyworking sessions are $170 for 90min.

Sexological Bodyworking can cover a wide variety of topics and activities.

• Talking about sexual issues or challenges
• Talking about sexuality or gender
• Improving sensation during sex
• Intercourse techniques
• Masturbation habits
• Masturbation techniques
• Problems achieving orgasm
• Erectile dysfunction
• Premature ejaculation
• Performance anxiety
• Bathroom anxiety (piss shy)
• Scar remediation
• Shame around sex
• Shame around fantasy
• Porn watching
• Exploring anal sex
• Couples sexual techniques
• Exploring BDSM
• Embodiment
• Breathing for pleasure
• Genital anatomy
• Held emotions or trauma in the body
• Relaxation or meditation techniques
• Active Receiving touch
• Consent (discussion or techniques)
• Arousal mapping
• Genital mapping