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November 15 – Men’s Erotic Touch Group

Have you ever wanted to explore touch in a deeper way? Welcome to those first steps towards the journey of exploration and enjoyment. This group will be a structured but sexy way to explore touch, arousal and pleasure – both learning how to touch others, but learning about yourself as well. Head up – this…
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What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity

I’m not sure it’s possible to justify my liaisons with married men, but what I learned from having them warrants discussion. Not between the wives and me, though I would be interested to hear their side. No, this discussion should happen between wives and husbands, annually, the way we inspect the tire tread on the…
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How Much Is Too Much Porn?

There is no “normal” amount of pornography to consume. For example, in a 2008 study, 20% of college aged men in the United States reported viewing pornography either every day or every other day. 

TWA – The Men’s Circle February 15th

A newly created group for men to explore touch, affection, masculinity , embodiment and sexuality in a safe space.